My main concern was with the quality of work that was done. We had to repeatedly ask workmen to return to finish three different areas of work (toliet, kitchen, nosing.) Granted each of those was eventually completed but we shouldn't have to call people back repeatedly. At the end i'm left with chips on the wall that the installer blamed on the stair construction. we didn't do another call back to get those rectified. my other concern was around the timing of the job. what had been promised wasn't fulfilled. there wasn't good communication on when workmen would arrive. Again, in the end the work was done, but only just. Our movers had to work around their unfinished work. at this point i don't think there is anything that can be done to change the experience. perhaps if someone came to patch the walls, but i'd still be left with a less then first class experience. i'd suggest that the quality of the work needs a tighter control. .
Anne & Hugh Crosthwait
The service was very good from the start, and I felt that Donna cared about the product she was selling and wanted the installation to go smoothly. Follow up phone calls were also done in a timely manner.
Charity Reddington
Quality, service and installation.
Roberta Staley
Gary Lee at Floor Coverings International was wonderful to work with. He stayed in communication through every step of the floor covering process. From estimating, to getting the right team, to managing new things that emerged on the job, Gary kept us in the loop, the project on time, and the end product was beautiful. I enjoy my new hardwood floors every day. Thank you. It was a job well done! Diane Lund, Creative Wonders
Diane Lund
Great company to work with! The owners put a lot of their hearts into the business and are very concerned about the happiness of the final product. We would work with them again.
Anna & Reed Jackson
Very happy with the installation of our new floor.
Ron & Margaret McGregor
We were very happy with the quick service,quality product and friendly staff
Susan Reed
Honest and timely services. Quality product and installation.
Dan & Sarah Greig
Our project was done on time and with virtuous and professional installers. The end result is wonderful we are very happy with our new carpet
Julie Steiner
The service was quick, easy and effortless. Sales people were helpful, not pushy. The install was so professional. Overall experience was fantastic. Thank you , Myshsael Schlyecher
Myshsael Schlyecher