Travertine tile kitchen floor in BurnabyIf you long for a rustic, Tuscan-inspired home, you can easily achieve that look with travertine tile. Travertine has been used in buildings since the days of ancient Rome, and it has an aged and weathered look that seems straight out of a Mediterranean villa.

Are you interested in travertine tile for your Burnaby home? Floor Coverings International Northshore can help you select the perfect tile for your style and needs.

Travertine Is Perfectly Imperfect

Travertine is a perfect example of how natural blemishes can be beautiful. Mined from quarries around the world, travertine is a type of limestone that’s known for its porosity and unaffected appearance. Travertine tile looks natural. It brings an earthy element inside, lending any room an air of rustic tranquility. Fans of travertine tile can purchase it in several forms:

  • Brushed – Brushed travertine has been subjected to the ministrations of wire brushes to give it a flat, matte appearance.
  • Tumbled – Tumbled travertine is tile that has been tumbled via machine to round off edges and corners. This type of travertine tile is often used in outdoor applications.
  • Honed – Travertine that has been honed is less shiny and more flat in appearance. Some would say it’s a happy medium between tumbled and polished.
  • Polished – Polished travertine tile has a high gloss finish. Its natural imperfections have been filled and sealed with resins to make it more watertight and easy to maintain. This type of tile becomes slippery when wet, which is why its main application is in indoor spaces.

Travertine Requires Careful Maintenance

To repel stains and damage from moisture, travertine tiles must be sealed and re-sealed periodically. Certain acidic cleaners such as lemon juice or vinegar can etch this soft stone as well. Grit and dirt must be swept up and out on a regular basis, spills cleaned up immediately, and damp-mopping performed often to keep travertine looking fresh and new.

Travertine Can Be Pricey

Beautiful, highly durable, and high-end, travertine is not known for being inexpensive. However, its durability and natural beauty make it worth the extra investment, and it will add a unique design element to your kitchen or bathroom.

To learn more about travertine tile or to have a travertine floor installed in your home, call Floor Coverings International Northshore. We offer free consultations to homeowners in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Whistler and beyond.

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Photo Credit: John Wollwerth