Slate tile in BurnabySlate tile is currently one of the trendiest flooring options on the market. If you are considering using slate tiles, either on your floors in other places throughout your home, you should first learn about slate and ensure it is ideal for you. Fortunately, our team here at Floor Coverings International Northshore has the expertise to help you determine if slate tile is a smart choice for your Burnaby home.

About Slate Tile

Slate is a natural stone. It is generally dark in color, featuring tones of dark blue, gray and black. However, there may be some slate tiles that have browns, rust or green tones to them as well. One of the more unique characteristics to slate is that it typically has a rough or uneven feel. Most natural stones are polished down so they feel smooth to the touch, but many homeowners actually choose slate for its textured and rustic surface.

Where to Use Slate Tile

Slate tiles can be used in different places throughout the home. While the most common place to use slate tiles is on the floor, the tiles can also be used for shower or bathroom surrounds, as a pool skirt, as a decorative siding element on your home or even on your roof.

The Benefits of Slate Tile

Slate tile is one of the more expensive forms of tile on the market. As such, many people wonder if it is worth the price. One of the major benefits associated with slate tile is its lifespan. When properly cared for, slate tile can last 60 to 100 years. This makes it well worth the cost. Another benefit to slate tile is that it provides traction when wet. This helps to prevent slip and falls. Lastly, slate has a beautiful color scheme that fits in with most styles of homes, including rustic, modern and classic styles.

If you are interested in slate tile or other flooring types, call Floor Coverings International Northshore and schedule a free consultation! We would love to help you find the right tile or flooring option for your Burnaby home.

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