Marble tile in VancouverWhen compared to other types of tile and natural stone, marble stands out as being high risk, high reward. Marble has an incredible natural beauty that can’t quite be replicated by any other stone. Marble tile will add an elegant, luxurious feel to any Vancouver home, and it can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, entryways, and more. However, marble is not a good choice for homeowners who want low-maintenance flooring. Though it is very tough, marble can be damaged in a variety of ways, and special care must be taken to ensure it lasts a long time.

At Floor Coverings International Northshore, we want to help you pick the right tile for your home, so here are a few things to consider before choosing marble tile:

About Marble Tile

Marble is naturally beautiful, but it takes special care to maintain that beauty. Marble is highly porous, so it is susceptible to staining, scratching, and general wear. Whether you use marble tile on your countertop or floor, you should be aware that spilled coffee, prolonged exposure to water, harsh cleaners, and other factors can damage it.

Marble can be quite expensive to begin with, and if your marble tile is damaged, you will probably need to call in a professional to treat it. Only specialty marble cleaners should be used on your tiles. If you want to extend the life of your marble, you should have it resealed regularly by a professional. Since marble is prone to staining, it is best for food-free rooms like bathrooms and entryways.

If you’d like to find out more about marble tile or see product samples for yourself, contact the Floor Coverings International Northshore team. We make the process easy by bringing the showroom to you, so you can decide what flooring looks best in your Vancouver home. Give us a call today!

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