Rubber flooring in North VancouverWhat type of flooring is naturally antimicrobial against mold, provides superior sound absorption and comes in easily portable tiles for easy installation and rearrangement?

Rubber flooring is all of the above. And for tenants who can’t permanently change their floors or for homeowners who are looking at an attractive solution for a gym or playroom, rubber floors may be just the ticket.

Once used mainly for commercial areas, rubber flooring is now staging a home invasion that’s soft and comfy underfoot. From home offices to the basement rec room, rubber offers supreme comfort and an attractive appearance that’s the perfect blend for active families.

Rubber Flooring Has Distinct Advantages

In apartments or upper levels of your home, rubber flooring offers an excellent sound barrier to muffle footsteps. Acoustically, it absorbs noise instead of transferring it. Additionally, rubber tiles can be placed and repositioned again and again without altering the flooring beneath it. And if you move, your beloved rubber floor can easily go with you.

In the home office or gym, rubber floors are soft underfoot. Easing fatigue on feet and legs, they’re the perfect choice for anyone who spends a lot of time standing, exercising or playing. A good choice for children’s playrooms, rubber provides a soft surface for falls and horseplay, and it’s naturally resistant against mold.

What You Should Consider Before Purchasing Rubber Flooring

Rubber gets slippery when it’s wet, so it may be a poor choice for bathrooms or areas that frequently experience moisture. It may also be a bit pricier than more traditional floor coverings because it’s still a bit of novelty for residential use. Rubber floors manufactured from tiles also have multiple seams that allow spills and moisture to leak onto the surface below. This can cause swelling and damage to both the rubber and the subfloor.

If you are interested in rubber floors for your North Vancouver home or business, give us a call! We offer free consultations to help you explore your options and find the best floor for you needs.

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