burnaby laminate flooringLaminate is a young flooring material; it was only invented in 1977. Despite this, it has surged in popularity and can be found in hundreds of styles. Many Burnaby homeowners prize laminate because it’s versatile and durable. Others enjoy its minimal maintenance and resistance to moisture.

A Huge Variety

Laminate can attribute much of its success to its tremendous variety, which is enabled by its unique manufacturing process. The inside of a laminate plank is particleboard. The magic happens on the surface, which features a vinyl sheet that can be printed with any design imaginable. This is the reason you can find laminate that emulates wood, tile, brick, and much more.

Faux-Wood Laminate

Most Burnaby homeowners are acquainted with faux-wood, or wood-look, laminate, which captures the look and feel of hardwood. This hardwood look-alike can be found in any species of hardwood. It can also emulate various finishes and stains. For example, one could purchase distressed red oak or glossy maple. Laminate also comes in wider-width, plank options and variable-width sets.

Stone Laminate

Less common than faux-wood, stone laminate allows you to have the natural, elegant aesthetic provided by stone at lower costs. It is also a great option for homes where the weight of an authentic stone floor is an issue. Stone laminate is available in materials such as slate, marble, limestone, and brick.

Your Flooring Experts

At Floor Coverings International Northshore, we carry thousands of flooring options, including wood-look and stone laminate. Not sure which would look better in your home? Our mobile design studio is an excellent solution. Simply give us a call and we will come to your house with a few flooring samples. That way, you can see your different options in their proper context and from the comfort of your home. Call today for a free consultation.

Photo © Oksana Kuzmina