White oak hardwood flooring in BurnabyHardwood flooring can be modern or traditional, subtle or unique. Its versatility is one of the main reasons Burnaby homeowners choose hardwood more than any other flooring material. At Floor Coverings International Northshore, we help our Burnaby customers find the perfect hardwood for their custom flooring project. One of our most popular options is white oak.

White vs. Red Oak

There are two main types of oak hardwood flooring: white oak and red oak. They may share some small similarities, but these hardwoods are very different. White oak is more simple and modern, with a straight, subtle wood grain. It ranges in color from beige to dark brown.

Red oak is easy to identify by its red undertones, although this can prove difficult if the floors are stained or finished. With more distinct grain patterns and dramatic swirls, many Burnaby residents choose red oak for its rustic look and feel.


Durable: White oak is strong and sturdy. Its closed-pore structure makes white oak resistant to rot from moisture. For that reason, it has traditionally been used in boat making. White oak has solid a Janka hardness rating of 1,360, which makes it very durable, especially for its price.

Sustainable: White oak is a native species to North America, so white oak flooring can be produced domestically. This makes it a better choice for the environment than exotic hardwoods, which must be grown and shipped from overseas.

Versatile: You can find white oak in a variety of colors and finishes. We carry many white oak options, from dark rustic oak planks to lighter, smooth oak boards perfect for achieving a Scandinavian aesthetic. White oak can fill every niche.

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