Pine flooring in West VancouverThere are many benefits to installing hardwood floors in your West Vancouver home or business. But before you can have them installed, you need to determine what type of wood to use. Learning about various types of wood will help you determine which is ideal for you. Here is everything you should know if you are considering pine floors.

What Does Pine Flooring Look Like?

If you love your wood to have character, pine may be a great option for you. Pine wood flooring tends to have an obvious grain and a lot of knots in it. This gives it character and depth. Pine wood flooring can range in color; you can find pine floors that are light, golden yellow, soft brown or even those that have red hues. Pine flooring also stains well, so it can be made any color that you prefer.

How Durable is Pine Flooring?

Pine is a soft wood. This means that it is not as durable as harder woods, such as oak. It may scratch easier or show wear faster. However, pine naturally has an imperfect look to it with its grain and natural wood characteristics. As such, wear may enhance the look of the wood and give it a more distressed look that some people prefer. If you are looking for a floor that looks aged, worn or loved, pine may be a good option for you.

What Are the Best Uses for Pine Flooring?

Pine is best placed in homes or businesses without a significant amount of foot traffic because it is a softer wood. It is often used in spaces with a rustic aesthetic, such as cabins or bed and breakfasts.

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