Hickory hardwood floors in West VancouverIf you’re shopping for new hardwood floors for your West Vancouver home, remember that you aren’t limited to just maple or oak. There are many species of hardwood to consider, and each has its own unique look and personality. Take hickory, for example. This distinctive hardwood is not only warm and rustic, but durable as well. Read on to learn more about hickory hardwood flooring from the Floor Coverings International Northshore experts:

About Hickory Hardwood

One of the unique features of hickory flooring is its dramatic color and grain. A single plank of hickory wood can range in color from pale blonde to medium brown, with streaks of dark ebony. This variation means that your hickory floors will be bold and eye-catching, with a touch of rustic character.

Hickory is one of the toughest species of domestic hardwood that you’ll find. On the Janka hardness scale, hickory has a rating of 1820 – higher than walnut, maple, oak, and cherry. Hickory resists dents and scratches well, so it’s a safe choice for high traffic areas. However, because hickory is so rigid, it can be prone to expansion and contraction from changes in temperature and humidity. You can minimize this effect by choosing engineered hickory floors, which are more stable.

Like other hardwood floors, hickory can be pricey, but its durability makes it an excellent long-term value. If refinished properly, hickory flooring can last for decades. However, homeowners should keep in mind that hickory has a unique look that isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for hardwood floors that will appeal to potential homebuyers, you may want to choose a more traditional style.

If you’d like to see hickory flooring samples in your own home, call Floor Coverings International Northshore. We provide free in-home consultations in the greater Vancouver area.

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