Bamboo flooring in BurnabyMany Burnaby homeowners are discovering bamboo flooring as a contemporary, eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwood floors. And it’s true – bamboo is very similar to hardwood in terms of its look, feel, durability, and price. So why not consider it for your home? Our Floor Coverings International Northshore experts can help answer any questions you may have.

About Bamboo Flooring

Appearance: Bamboo appears similar to hardwood flooring in that it can be stained to many of the same colors, including everything from golden tan to dark brown to gray. However, you will likely notice that bamboo does not have the same kind of swirling grain as wood – instead, it has long, smooth lines with occasional dark spots from the natural breaks in the bamboo stalks.

Durability: Generally, bamboo flooring is fairly durable, but it also depends on how it has been processed. Some types of bamboo flooring are comparable to red oak hardwood, while others may be tougher. For the most part, you can trust that bamboo can handle high traffic areas. Bamboo flooring can also be refinished just as hardwood can.

Maintenance and Care: Regular sweeping or vacuuming is important to keep your bamboo floors clear of dust and debris. You should also try to keep water and other liquids off of your floor, as they can cause moisture damage and warping.

Environmental Impact: Bamboo is often considered environmentally friendly because it is much faster to grow and harvest than wood. However, it’s important to note that most bamboo floors are constructed using adhesives that contain volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). If you are very concerned about chemicals in your home, you may not want to install bamboo floors.

To learn more about bamboo floors, simply call and schedule a free consultation with Floor Coverings International Northshore. We are proud to serve homeowners in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Whistler.

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Photo Credit: Kunal Mehta