Textured carpet in West VancouverTextured carpet (also known as “cut and loop carpet”) uses multiple pile types to create a textured pattern in the surface of the carpet. This creates a carpet that has both a three-dimensional appearance and a textured feel.

Textured carpet is one of the newer and trendier types of carpeting currently available at Floor Coverings International Northshore. If you are considering this carpet style for your West Vancouver home, here are a few factors to consider.

About Textured Carpeting

Textured carpet is often called “cut and loop carpet” because it uses both cut and loop pile to create its characteristic texture. By combining different pile types with varying textures and heights, the manufacturer can create a carpet that has a three-dimensional pattern (rather than one created with different colored fibers). This is a great way to add more visual interest to your space without committing to a multi-colored patterned carpet.

Textured carpeting is available in a range of styles, including diamonds and geometric patterns, stripes, swirls, chevrons, and more. It is also available in a wide range of colors, though textured carpet tends to be of a solid hue (rather than patterned carpeting, which uses multiple colors).

Textured carpeting tends to feel similar to saxony in that the pile is fairly short and dense. This means it is a comfortable and cozy choice for a variety of spaces. As with all carpeting, you should be careful to avoid stains and spills. However, the textured surface of the carpet may help to disguise dirt and light stains better than traditional carpeting.

If you are interested in textured carpeting for your West Vancouver home, give us a call! We offer free consultations, and our expert Floor Coverings International Northshore team will gladly answer your questions to help you find the best floor for your needs.

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