When it comes to carpet, many homeowners in Burnaby opt for saxony. Saxony carpet is a classic choice with a luxurious look and feel. At Floor Coverings International Northshore, we know that this carpet type has many benefits for your home. Read on to learn more.

Saxony Carpet in North ShoreWhat is Saxony carpet?

Saxony is a traditional carpet well known for its softness. In fact, some people consider saxony to be synonymous with the term “plush carpet.” Technically, saxony carpet is “cut-pile,” which means that the woven loops of carpet fiber have been cut open. The soft, clipped fibers of saxony stand straight up to create a smooth and dense surface with a lush feel underfoot.

Benefits of Saxony Carpet

The smooth and velvety surface of saxony evokes a sense of classic luxury, making it a great choice forSaxon carpeting in Northshore rooms where you entertain guests. Saxony carpet is often found in formal sitting areas, living rooms, and even carpeted dining rooms.

Saxony has a reputation for fanciness but it still feels incredibly casual and comfy underfoot. Your Saturday night dinner guests will be impressed by the look of your saxony carpet. But on those barefoot Sunday mornings, your family will cherish its pillow-like padding.

Saxony carpets tend to be durable, but the lifespan of your carpet will vary greatly with the quality of the product you choose. Stronger fibers and a high-quality construction will ensure that your saxony lasts. In general, denser saxonies provide more durability, and a tight twist on the individual fibers improves the long-term wear of your carpet.

Saxony Carpet in NorthshoreSome Considerations

The soft texture of saxony is one of its best qualities, but that plush surface will also show every footprint and vacuum stroke. The dense, straight hairs of saxony will temporarily appear darker in areas that have been brushed or stepped on. Although this has no lasting effect on the carpet, some homeowners don’t like these imprints.

Luckily, there’s a hybrid saxony carpet called textured saxony that doesn’t have this issue. The fibers of a textured saxony are twisted in varying directions. This small tweak transforms the way saxony reflects the light, so when you brush your hand across a textured saxony carpet, you won’t see a change in color.

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