Plush carpet in North VancouverHere at Floor Coverings International Northshore, we want to share information about our favorite flooring types so that you can make a smart choice of new flooring for your space. And when it comes to soft, cozy carpeting, plush is king.

Few things feel better on a cold winter’s day than warm, plush carpet beneath your feet. And if you’re currently in the market for a new floor covering for your bedroom, family room or finished basement, plush carpeting is a good choice. Here’s why:

Today’s Plush Carpeting Is Stain Resistant

While not impervious to stains and spills, modern plush carpeting is not completely vulnerable, either. This means that if you take care to mop up a spill right away, you won’t have to worry about scheduling frequent professional cleanings. This is a huge improvement over carpets of old. Stain-resistant carpeting has been treated with a coating, usually Teflon, which keeps liquids from penetrating the fibers for a short period of time.

Your carpet can still collect dust and dirt, so you’ll need to clean it regularly. Weekly vacuuming is recommended in rooms that you use frequently, and you may need to schedule annual professional cleanings.

Plush Carpeting Is Superior for Comfort

Great for lounging, plush carpet cradles kids, babies, pets and even adults comfortably. It’s much softer on the feet than options such as tile or wood, and it makes for a cozy place to curl up and watch a movie. It has acoustic benefits as well, as it helps muffle the transmission of sound from room to room, making for a quieter living experience – especially between floors in multi-family homes.

Plush Carpet Is Versatile

Plush carpet falls under the cut-pile category, and it’s available in an almost endless array of colors and patterns to fit in seamlessly with any decor. It may be constructed from materials like nylon, olefin, wool or acrylic. It can go in places that other floor coverings can’t, such as below-grade basements, and goes well with other types of flooring used in adjoining rooms.

If you’re considering the purchase of plush carpet in North Vancouver, give us a call today! Floor Coverings International Northshore offers free in-home consultations to ensure you find the perfect flooring for your space.

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