Carpet has been one of the most popular flooring materials in Vancouver and beyond for many years. It provides warmth, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to almost any home. With all the styles and varieties available today, it can be hard to choose. Floor Coverings International Northshore is here to help!

Cut and Loop

One of the main types of carpet is cut and loop. As its name suggests, cut and loop carpet is made by intermixing loops of yarn with other loops that have been cut. The combination of loops and non-loops creates a textured appearance that is able to stand up to heavy foot traffic. There are multiple varieties within this style. Some versions include multiple levels of fibers or varied heights of cuts and loops that add texture and create more intricate patterns. The complexity of the carpet’s design allows it to hide dirt and stains well. Cut-and-loop-style carpet is a fashionable option that can be used in many areas. However, it should be avoided in homes with pets because the loops are prone to snags.

BerberBerber carpet

Another popular carpet style is Berber, which has maintained its place as one of the most widely sold carpet types in Vancouver for years. Berber is a dense carpet that is very durable because of its looped fibers that are short and tightly packed. It’s great for high-traffic areas, and it can work well in both residential and commercial spaces. Although spills should be cleaned up as soon as they happen, Berber carpet is more resistant against stains than other carpets because its densely packed fibers make it harder for stains to soak in.


A third common style of carpet is frieze. Twisting the carpet’s fibers tightly together until they curl at the top gives frieze its identifiable quality. This curling effect is great for concealing dirt and stains. You can find many varieties of frieze; some with flecks of different colors mixed in that also help to hide dirt. It has been a popular choice for carpet buyers over the past two decades because of its versatility and practicality. Frieze can be installed in both casual and sophisticated environments, and the twisted and curled fibers are not only able to hide dirt, but footprints and vacuum tracks as well.

If you think carpet may be the right flooring choice for your home but aren’t sure what style to choose, call the experts at Floor Coverings International Northshore today. You can schedule a free design consultation where we will bring many carpet samples right to your door!

Photo Credit: Jeffrey B. Banke