Carpet runner in BurnabyDoes your Burnaby home have a long hallway? Don’t overlook this space – just like any other room of your home, your hallways should have flooring that is comfortable, functional, and visually appealing. One easy way to dress up a drab hallway is to put down a carpet runner. A runner serves practical purposes (comfort, protection, and sound absorption, for example), but it can also add a luxurious and stylish element to your home. Considering a runner? Here are a few tips from Floor Coverings International Northshore to consider:

Where Should You Put a Carpet Runner?

The ideal place for a carpet runner is a long hallway, but any narrow space could benefit from a custom runner. If you can’t find a standard size runner that fits your space, you can often have a custom size cut and bound to fit your needs.

Obviously, a carpet runner is unnecessary in areas where you already have wall-to-wall carpeting. But a runner works well in any area with smooth, solid flooring, like hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl.

Advantages of Carpet Runners

  • If your floors get slippery at times, a runner can help to add traction and prevent accidental falls – especially in homes with elderly adults or young children.
  • If you have new or vulnerable floors, a carpet runner can help protect them from wear and tear. For example, a runner can help save sensitive hardwoods from foot traffic, scratches, and dents.
  • Carpeting absorbs sound, so a runner can help to quiet a noisy hardwood or tile hallway.
  • Do you have tile floors that are cold and hard on bare feet? A runner can make them softer and more comfortable, especially in the winter months.
  • Like other area rugs, a carpet runner can add color, print, and texture to an otherwise bland space. Plus, they are easy to install and remove – no mess required!

Ready to find the perfect carpet runner for your Burnaby home? Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation! Floor Coverings International Northshore serves homeowners throughout the greater Vancouver area.

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