berber carpet in vancouver, bcWhat Is It?

Interestingly, Berber carpet was originally made from camel hair in North Africa, and was hand woven into rugs, cloaks, and other textiles. Today, the term Berber carpet refers to a particular style of carpet and is used to describe any carpet with a loop pile design. The loop pile construction of many modern carpets gives them the appearance of traditional North African Berber, hence their description. Guaranteed to be a worthwhile addition to your Vancouver home, we encourage you to read on to learn more about this timeless carpet style.

Berber Carpet Advantages

Resistance to Stains and Spills—Berber carpet is compact. It’s not fluffy or thick and therefore doesn’t absorb moisture quickly. This makes it a great option for busy homes with pets or children. Spills and messes tend to stay at the top of the carpet instead of sinking into its fibers.

Affordability— All carpets start off as loop pile. To turn loop pile carpet into cut pile, the tops of these loops are cut off, resulting in a different style of carpet. However, this extra step takes time and resources that loop pile carpets don’t require, which accounts for the affordability of Berber carpet.

Berber Carpet Precautions

Proneness to Snags—Although the Berber carpet loop pile design offers several advantages, it does make this type of carpet susceptible to snags. For most homes this won’t be an issue, but if you have a cat or dog they could get their nails stuck in individual loops or use your carpet as a scratching post. Over time this could lead to a carpet in need of repair.

Texture—Berber isn’t as soft as thicker carpet varieties, such as plush and frieze, and therefore is occasionally criticized for lacking comfort. You should consider whether the durability of Berber carpet is worth the rough texture. One solution is to install Berber in high traffic areas, such as in entryways or on stairs, and use a softer carpet in areas where you’d like to maximize comfort, such as bedrooms.

Here at Floor Coverings International Northshore we’d love to help you find the right carpet for your home. Maybe that’s Berber, maybe it’s not. Either way we’re here to help! Our design experts proudly serve the greater North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Whistler areas. Call us today!

Photo © Anotai Yuthongcome

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