slate stone tile kitchen North VancouverIf you’ve decided to bring the natural elegance and incredible durability of tile and stone flooring into your North Vancouver home, you’re already aware of the many practical benefits these materials have to offer. Now the next step is to think about how it’s all going to look. And if you’ve never thought about the design considerations that are unique to tile and stone, you might be in for a small headache.

That is, you would be in for a headache if you didn’t have the adroit and imaginative Floor Coverings International Northshore professionals at your disposal. Our team is here to break down the fundamentals of designing with tile and stone, so that you can feel confident about working new floors into your life – and not the other way around.

dog on tile floor North VancouverLifestyle Considerations

Before selecting a color, pattern, size, or material, the best thing you can do to simplify the design process is to take a quick inventory of who and what is in your space. How much traffic is this area going to get? Should it be kid-friendly? What about pets? Is it a high-moisture environment? Doing a quick mental rundown like this will save you from annoying, unforeseen hang-ups later on. 

Size Of The Space

This is one of the most important factors to take into account. Small rooms can feel even smaller because of a few design missteps. Avoid design-induced claustrophobia by choosing a lighter color and using many small tiles.

Conversely, if you have a large family room or entryway, going with a larger tile will make the room feel solid and cohesive. Large tiles will fill the space without making it look busy.

Intricacy Or Minimalism

tile floor mosaic North Vancouver

One of the most wonderful things about tile is the fact that you can achieve so many beautiful, complex patterns. Asymmetry, unusual shapes, mixed tile sizes, intricate glass mosaics, and multi-colored masterpieces – all of these options are on the table (or the floor, in this case) with tile and stone. For a luxurious, natural look, try travertine tile. And don’t forget to play around with different glazes and surface textures! On the other hand, if you know that you like a cleaner, more minimal look, choose a grey slate or large ceramic tiles to keep lines clean and to give yourself the maximum versatility.

Ask The Experts

Tile is, without question, one of the best flooring materials for North Vancouver homeowners who want to express themselves. It can be worked into so many different textures, sizes, patterns, and colors, that the possibilities are truly only limited by your imagination. Even though that might seem overwhelming, following these basic guidelines will help you get closer to making a decision and loving the space you’re in.

And don’t forget that the design team at Floor Coverings International Northshore is here to share our expertise! We’re proud to serve the greater North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Whistler area, so we can bring our mobile showroom straight to you. Schedule a free consultation today!

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