Carpet maintenance in BurnabyHave you recently installed new carpet? Are you planning to? Fresh new carpeting can really perk up a home, but Burnaby homeowners often find it challenging to maintain their carpet over many years. Fortunately, our experts from Floor Coverings International Northshore have a few tips to help you keep your carpet looking great:

1. Vacuum Regularly

To maintain your carpet long-term, it’s important to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the fibers. The best way to prevent your carpet from harboring dirt and allergens is to vacuum it on a regular basis – say, once a week. Even if your carpet doesn’t look dirty, things like dust and pet hair may be hiding in the fibers and impacting your home’s air quality.

2. Clean Spills Immediately

Permanent stains can quickly ruin the look of a carpet, and once they have dried, stains can be quite difficult to remove. That’s why it’s essential that you treat a spill immediately after it happens. Even if you don’t have a specialized cleaner, blotting up the spill with a little water can still help to lessen its stain potential.

3. Blot Before You Rub

If you find yourself cleaning up a spill or stain, don’t rub the area back and forth – instead, blot up and down. Rubbing the spill can actually spread it further into the carpet. For the best cleaning technique, start blotting at the outer edges of the stain and work towards the center.

4. Hire a Professional

If your carpet gets a lot of wear and tear, it may be hard to maintain it all on your own. Scheduling professional cleanings every year or so can be a good way to maintain your carpets long term. Plus, a deep professional clean can refresh your carpet and make it look like new.

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Photo Credit: Syda Productions