Luxury vinyl flooring in BurnabyToday’s luxury vinyl isn’t the artificial plastic squares you remember from your grandmother’s house. Manufacturing has made great leaps to produce beautiful wood and stone replicas out of vinyl that will trick your eyes into thinking they’re the real thing. While they steal the show in looks, luxury vinyl floors also have some incredible benefits compared to their natural counterparts:

  • More affordable than wood or stone
  • 100% waterproof
  • Versatile designs not dependent on what can be harvested from trees or quarries
  • Sturdy enough to handle high-traffic areas
  • More scratch resistant than hardwoods
  • More comfortable than rigid stone or tile

Our Floor Coverings International Northshore team can help you decide if and where to install luxury vinyl floors in your Burnaby home. Though luxury vinyl goes well in nearly every room in the home, here are the best spots to install this material based on its strengths.


Where there’s water, organic floors like wood can suffer from moisture damage. Since luxury vinyl is 100% waterproof, you can install it in a bathroom with confidence. You can also get luxury vinyl tile installed, which can be made to look like stone, giving your bathroom a classic look without the extra cost and labor involved with real stone floors.


This hub of the home sees plenty of foot traffic, spills, messes, and chaos. The tough top layer of luxury vinyl will stand up to the constant comings and goings as well as the occasional spills from the sink and dishwasher.

The Family Room

This room is where you enjoy family time and lots of foods and beverages. This place will certainly need floors that can withstand spills, not scratch easily, and can hold up for years. Luxury vinyl’s characteristics make it an easy choice for your busy family room. With luxury vinyl floors installed, nobody has to tiptoe around out of fear of damaging the floor. To make it more comfortable, use an area rug to reduce the echo sound and add warmth.

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