Floor Coverings International Northshore is pleased to bring you the latest installment of our Designer Influencer Interview Series. British Columbia’s own Jenny Lutes blogs about a wide variety of subjects, including DIY, décor, and motherhood. You can follow Jenny on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

jenny lutes

Please tell us a little about yourself.

We just moved from the Coast to Vernon, BC, and I love living in the Okanagan. I started blogging in 2009 when my oldest daughter was a toddler, and now my girls are ages 10 and 4. Currently, I’m home with my girls as my oldest daughter has chosen to homeschool. In the Spring I’m going to launch an online handmade jewellery company.

On my blog, JennyLutes.com, I write about my loves: my family, DIY/projects, musings, Fashion, Decor, and existential thoughts. I recently changed the name of my blog from Ruminating Mommy to my name Jenny Lutes, and I write about all angles of life not just parenthood.

What’s one type of flooring you use in your children’s room and why?

We have a mid tone laminate in the girls’ bedrooms to hide pet hair and spills, and area rugs for noise absorption and warmth.

Inevitably non-bedroom items end up in my daughters’ rooms – homemade slime, playdough, snacks, etc. and with laminate floors I don’t have to scrub or cut spills out of a carpet. My 4 year old has been known to colour on random things…I like that I can wipe the floors.

Why did you decide to start a blog? What do you enjoy about blogging?

When my oldest daughter was a toddler I wanted something to do in the evenings that I enjoy – I love writing so I started a blog. From the beginning, I decided to never show my family’s photos online, and I don’t use the names of anyone in my life other than my girls’ names. Thankfully, Readers, Interviewers, PR Reps, etc, respect my choice to blog in this way.

I enjoy writing posts that other women can connect with, and encouraging people to be open about real challenges. If we reach out to our online communities then we can create a village.

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

Fabrics inspire me – for our new home I’m mixing Indian, Moroccan, and bohemian Turkish prints that have lots of colour. My favourite home accents are our dining room and den curtains that have a wide white and yellow horizontal stripe, and the vintage Kilim throw pillows from Turkey that I’ve placed around the dining room on our benches.

I haven’t shied away from colour with decor because our home has mostly southern light so the colours are wonderfully vibrant.

(Usually I’m drawn towards French country/shabby chic decor and I love the white/blush colour way combo, but right now I’ve felt pulled to decorate our house with the Indian/Moroccan/Bohemian fabrics and prints.)

Can you explain a recent project you’ve been working on?

We moved from Vancouver small apartment living to our new house in the Okanagan. I enjoy decorating and diy projects so I would say that my largest project to date is space planning and decorating our house. It’s an ongoing process as we find items to add to the rooms and I’ve sewn almost all of the throw pillows, bed pillows, and some bedding.

For now we’ve left the wall paint the cream colour from the previous owners but added a pink accent wall in each of the girls bedrooms…as per their request. My husband brought home a very weathered wooden bench that a neighbour left in the lane. I reinforced it with wood glue and clamps, and then painted it a pale pink and put it in the dining room. (My blog post about this revamped bench: Updating a rickety garden bench… .)

Photos of Jenny’s Latest Project – Her New Home!

updated-bench-diy-wall-hanging dining-room foyer living-room-corner living-room 4-year-olds-bedroom