Patio cleaning, Floor Coverings International NorthshoreAs the rain falls and the wind blows, it is clear that winter is on its way and the season for backyard BBQs has come to an end. Use these tips to winterize your outdoor spaces and preserve your patio and yard accessories for next summer.

Store the Furniture

Leaving your patio furniture out in the elements will certainly dull their finish and shorten their lifespan. If you are storing furniture in a garage or shed, give it all a good cleaning before packing it away. Wipe surfaces down with warm water, and scrub cushions with a soapy sponge. Let everything dry completely before putting it away.

If you don’t have the luxury of storage space, your patio furniture can survive the winter outdoors if you take the right precautions. Clean the furniture as you would if you were storing it indoors, and then protect the furniture with a waterproof cover or tarp. Attach the cover to the furniture legs to ensure it stays in place, even on the windiest days.

Scrub the Grill

Clean the grill now and you will thank yourself when it comes time for the first BBQ next spring. Wash the grease pan in warm, soapy water and scrub the grill with a wire brush. Wipe down all the surfaces, and protect the grill with a waterproof cover. If you’re bringing the grill indoors for the winter, be sure to detach the propane tank and store it outside.

Cover Plants

A full blog post could be dedicated to tips on winterizing the garden and lawn. However, this basic advice will help protect your foliage throughout the winter. Remove all debris from the yard, including dead leaves. This ground cover can prevent water and nutrients from reaching plant and tree roots.

Cover your garden beds with burlap or mulch, and consider repotting and bringing indoors any plants that may not survive the winter. Finally, pull any weeds or debris that are hanging around for a fresh start in the spring, and store your garden tools in a safe dry place.

Clean the Patio

Once you have all the furniture and plantings bedded down for the winter, spend some time cleaning the patio itself. Regardless if your patio is wood, tile or concrete, washing any dirt and debris off the surface at the end of the season will help the patio be ready to weather the storms and look it’s best next year.

Use these tips to get your outdoor spaces ready for winter. Keeping the area fresh and clean will also encourage you to step out on a sunny winter day and enjoy your outdoor spaces all year long! Keep some chairs and blankets handy so you can enjoy the patio on a sunny winter day!

Photo by riopatuca