Entryway ideas, Floor Coverings International NorthshoreA homes’ entryway often gets overlooked. It’s easy to rush in, drop your things, and carry on with your day. However, an inviting entryway can have a big impact on your family and guests alike. It’s the first impression company will have of your home, and it’s a chance to feel relaxed and tranquil right when you step in the front door.

Creating a tidy and welcoming entry is simple with these tips to get you started.

Keep It Tidy

Coming home and having to find your way through a big mess right when you step in the door is stressful. If nothing else, dedicating storage space for all the shoes, coats and bags will go a long way to making your entry more inviting. A coat closet is an obvious place to hide the cutter, but if that’s not an option, consider alternatives. Coat hooks and shoe racks do the trick. Placing a console table or chest of drawers in the entry is also a great way to store items like mail, keys, and small electronics.

In addition to organization, keeping an entryway clean is also important, although very challenging. With our damp and windy winters here in the North Vancouver area, all kinds of dirt and debris can be tracked into the home. Having a floor covering in the entryway that is easy to clean, such as stone, tile or laminate, makes these messes easy to wipe up. An area rug in the entry will also ensure the dirt stays by the front door, while making a nice decorative touch.

Dress It Up

Once the cleaning and organization challenge is solved, decorating your entryway can be a really fun way to express your personality. Placing a favorite piece of art or furniture in the entry will cheer you up every time you arrive home. And little touches like flowers or decorative lighting fixtures also take the entry from simply a functional space to an inviting gateway to the rest of your home.

Work With What You Have

Many home entries leave a lot to be desired. Whether your front door opens right into the living space, or you have a narrow little hallway leading into your house, the tips above can still be applied to designate the space as an entry and make it inviting no matter the limitations. Consider the arrangement of furniture and place a console table or dresser behind a sofa to designate a landing place for keys and other clutter. And make use of wall space! Coat hooks, shoe caddies, and decorative elements can be hung on the wall without taking precious square footage away from the entry.

Feeling relaxed when you step into a house is important for both family and guests. Use these tips to clean up your entryway and create an inviting space you’ll love coming home to! Our team at Floor Coverings International Northshore can help you lay a great foundation for your entry with floor coverings that stand up to the traffic and grime. Contact our team for a free in-home design consultation today!

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