Winter design ideas, Vancouver BCWinter can be dark and dreary, especially in Vancouver and the greater Pacific Northwest. When the clouds roll in and the sun hides for days on end, it’s important to find ways to bring light into the home. Check out these tips for brightening your spaces and finding warmth even on the darkest days.

Let the Light Shine In

There are a number of things you can do to brighten the lights that are already in your home. Some people are surprised to realize the difference a higher wattage light bulb can make. Even moving from 60 to 75 watts can have an impact. While your energy bill might go up slightly, the extra light can be well worth it. Be careful to check the maximum wattage on the light socket before swapping out your bulbs.

It’s important to also take advantage of any natural light we do get in the winter. Make sure your windows aren’t blocked by large furniture, and consider removing any window screens or heavy drapes that can impede the sunlight coming into the house.

Lighten Your Décor

Winter hues of white and light blue are excellent colors to embrace in the darker months. Swap out your throw pillows and area rugs for lighter shades that will help brighten the home. Or, if you have hardwood flooring, consider removing area rugs altogether and let the natural wood shine.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can consider painting the rooms you use the most in a light, soft shade. Sunny yellows and oranges are also warm colors that can really lift the winter blues.

In addition to color, mirrors are an excellent way to use décor to brighten a space. Mirrors reflect light, especially when placed opposite of light sources, such as a window or sliding door. They also make rooms feel more airy and spacious, a great bonus on dark days.

Embrace Warmth

If you have a fireplace, lucky you! Embrace it by keeping the woodpile stocked and the fire stoked all winter long.

If you do not have a fireplace, there are other ways to bring this warmth into your rooms. Candles are a great way to provide a soft, comforting light and warm up dark spaces. Electric fireplaces are also a great way to bring in the ambiance of a fire without calling the mason.

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Photo by Svetlana Lukienko