Whitewashed hardwood flooring in VancouverDo you wish your home felt more like a breezy beach cottage? Whether you live on the Vancouver waterfront or not, you can add touches of light, airy coastal style into your space.

Coastal design is all about natural textures and light, bright colors – elements that bring to mind the natural environment. To help you achieve this look in your own home, our Floor Coverings International Northshore experts have picked these three flooring types to try:

Whitewashed & Distressed Hardwood

Distressed hardwood is a trendy choice, but it also happens to blend perfectly into coastal décor. The texture and imperfection of distressed hardwood floors bring to mind the weathered wood that you might find in a rustic seaside retreat. You’ll want to stick to light-colored hardwoods like white oak, birch, or maple to preserve the airy, open feel. For an extra dose of coastal style, consider whitewashed wood floors.

Blue Mosaic Tile

To keep your space from feeling too neutral, consider adding touches of blue tile in your kitchen or bathroom. Look for small glass tiles in shades of blue, green, or aqua to draw colors from the water into your home. For a fun and clever touch, choose mosaic tile, which resembles the beach glass you might find washed up on the sand. The various shades of blue will help to break up the white and wood that is so characteristic of coastal style.

Natural Fiber CarpetingNatural fiber carpet in Vancouver

Natural fibers like seagrass, jute, and coir all come from plants grown in tropical beach locales. Thus, they add the perfect touch of natural texture to spaces with coastal décor – whether in the form of wall-to-wall carpeting or a simple area rug. These fibers can sometimes feel rough on bare feet, so if you want a softer feel, look for carpets that also include wool or sisal.

Let us help you find the perfect beach-inspired flooring for your North Vancouver home! Call Floor Coverings International Northshore today to schedule a free consultation.

Photo Credits: TZIDO SUN, Marko Poplasen